Kids-Ink - an innovative project aimed at schools

Kids Ink - sustainable lunch-bags for children

SIRANE is part of an innovative project - Kids Ink™ - that allows children to design a completely unique personalised thermally-insulated lunch bag, with the purpose to educate children in being environmentally friendly, but in a fun, creative and interactive way.

The project has brought together the expertise of three UK-based companies - Ultimate Digital, Sirane Group and Addmaster (makers of Biomaster) - to produce these eye-catching thermally-insulated lunch bags that kids have described as “cool”, “amazing” and “extravagant”.

Chris Tonge Executive Director of Ultimate Group said that “Kids Ink™ is unique because it is a really easy to use on line drawing tool which our Smartflow system turns into print ready digital artwork.

“Kids Ink™ is a world first as every other personalised campaign has used part of the design as a template but our platform enables the whole design to be totally unique to each child. The Kids Ink™ platform can also be used on every other pack formats as well, for example cartons and bottles”

Sirane Group convert the digitally printed film and attach the handles to produce unique kid’s lunch bags. The bags are lined with in-built Biomaster anti-microbial protection which inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria to grow on surfaces. This means that the lunch bags can be reused time and time again.

Simon Balderson, Sirane MD, said: “Kids Ink™ is something a bit different. The children that will take part in this project are generation that’s going to inherit the environmental problems caused by lack of recycling etc.

“Anything that we can do now to help educate them on the issues has to be good.”

Kid’s Ink™ gives schools the tools to produce fun and interactive lessons - for more information, click here.


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